leJOS Visual Interface
    The leJOS Interface is a skin over the command line commands for the leJOS firmware. It also is a simple editor, and can have many files open at once.

New Version 1.1.2
Fixed option saving bug
Added syntax coloring
Fixed some document position bugs
Added a package hierarchy

System Requirements:

Windows 95, 98 or Linux
Java 2 development kit
leJOS firmwarewritten by Jose Solorzano.


Unzip the file into a directory. Run java install and java leJOS_Interface.Runner. This starts the interface.If you are using Java2 then you must set your CLASSPATH with JAVA_HOME\lib\tools.jar  It will not work with out this (or at least it shouldn't).


 Compiled Classes
 Source Files

Click on the thumbnails to see full size pictures.

These pictures were taken under Windows, JDK 1.2.2


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Future Improvements:

Auto completion of commonly used words
More options for colors and fonts


Jim Sculley, for helping me tremendously with firing events, and figuring out problems I would have never caught.
Klearchos Klearchou, for giving me ideas about the Auto-typer, and the coloring options.
Anyone else on comp.lang.java.* that has helped me figure something out.

This is a learning experience for me, so that is why new features take a while to work correctly.

Comments, Questions, and Suggestions can be sent to
 Andy Gombos

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